2MP camera is right for me!

We have heard a zillion times from customers who need best resolution cameras in most cost-effective prices. As a specialist in CCTV Surveillance Industry, we always advise our customers that there is more to understanding than just buying higher priced cameras. It is simple: higher resolution does not mean better surveillance. There is a lot more elements that need to be considered when deciding and proposing the right camera-type that will not only meet customer requirements but will also fall within their budget. Higher resolution, in simple terms, means more image details. However, it is usual for customers to ask elementary questions such as “does the camera have night vision”, “can I see distant objects clearly”, “Why is the camera showing results in black and white mode at night”, “Pixels burst when I try to zoom in on an object”, etc. When someone wants to focus in on an item, such as number plate, while higher resolution camera might be good but the real answer is the auto-varifocal camera that helps with providing clear image and remove noise distortion. Starlight cameras are surveillance cameras with new technology that provides ability for cameras to see in low light conditions. Options such as 6mm and 8mm cameras reduce the width of picture but increases length. So, choosing the right cameras is the key to have better CCTV Surveillance.
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