Best PABX phone system for small businesses

Every client is different from the other and each has its very unique requirement and set of parameters that need to be met before proposing the right PABX phone system.

From unknown and inexpensive Chinese brands to a more sophisticated and feature-rich IP PBX Phone System such as Yeastar, there are many options available.

Evolution in technology has changed the way people communicate with each other. Technology has also brought in exciting change to the way PABX is expected to perform: from the basic central switching system to an automated call routing solution: even so much so that the extensions have become mobile – it is now easy to route an external call to a user wirelessly, even when he is out of office.

Given the scenario, there is no easy answer as to which is the best PABX system for a small business. It very much depends upon the client-requirements, budget, future growth of the business that the client foresees and a host of other things. All these are discussed and decided during in-depth consultation with our experienced sales team.

Generally speaking, if the business requirement is a mere internal communication with a couple of external lines to be connected, there are number of options available with Panasonic’s basic PABX system. While such systems are very simple in nature, they are still equipped with some value added features that provide ease of doing business to its users such as Caller ID, OGM, Automated Call Routing, Calling Duration & Restrictions, etc. All these are programmed by our expert engineers during deployment. Starting from 8 internal users, you should consider Panasonic TES824 that can be expanded up to a maximum of 24 extensions. We can even interconnect 2 systems together to bring rudimentary expansion, but there may be some limitations though.

Panasonic TES824 is one of the latest series PABX offered by Panasonic, there are some earlier models of refurbished Panasonic PABX still available, such as TA308 or TA616 series that may be more cost effective for some small businesses. You should read more about the Panasonic TA308 series PABX system, which are available in refurbished conditions.

Panasonic TES824

Panasonic also offers some high end Hybrid IP PABX system with more advanced features. The latest series of Panasonic NS500, Panasonic TDA100D, Panasonic TDE100 and Panasonic TDE600 are supportive of IP telephony, call queuing, call reporting, voicemail, call logging, call reporting, etc. These solutions are custom-built for a more sophisticated environment with ability of multi-site connectivity.

For a pure IP PABX system, clients may also consider Yeastar IP PBX that are offered at cost effective pricing with VOIP, feature rich system and ability to integrate with Zoho and many other CRMs for an automated and advanced communication system.

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