Why Maintenance Is Important?

Any electronic or IT product has a specific lifetime, which is dependent upon the quality of its manufacturing. However, during its lifespan, the asset still requires regular service and maintenance to ensure its optimum performance. Regular checkup of products ensure reduction in its maintenance and repair. Once a product has reached its end of life, or has passed its warranty period, it becomes all so more necessary to ensure the products are being regularly checked, maintained and serviced by professional and qualified maintenance team.

To support such timely maintenance of various IT and electronic items, outsourcing the work to specialized company is the most cost effective solution as compared to deploying and engaging internal staff for the purpose.

Different types of products or assets require different levels and types of maintenance. PABX System in communication technology, and Servers in business continuity, are very vital for any business. Regular maintenance of these mission-critical assets is very essential as it has a greater impact on the business overall should a problem occurs in these assets, resulting in a connectivity-loss. On the other hand, maintenance of Fire Alarm System is vital to ensure safety of the premises and lives of those that work there. Without proper maintenance, Fire Alarm System becomes a nuisance due to high false alarms incidents.


Inadequate or irregular maintenance of any IT Equipment, Fire Alarm System, Electrical and other Electronic items lead to ACCIDENTS, LOSS OF PRODUCTION and MISMANAGEMENT resulting in categorical damages to business.

A business need to evaluate its needs, compliance requirements, assets that it considers mission critical and then decide upon the type of maintenance that should be done. There are mainly 2 types of maintenance schedules that Meridian Enterprise offers:

1- Corrective Maintenance

2- Preventive Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance
It is an adhoc service based upon break-fix measures as required by customers. A technician is called in case of a product failure. Usually, products with lowest critical level are the products that have corrective maintenance requirement. Under this type of service, the asset is repaired/reinstated to its working condition otherwise a replacement of the product is required, if a repair is not possible.

Preventive Maintenance
Items that are critical in nature are the ones that require regular checking and servicing. These items fall under preventive maintenance category which are inspected regularly at pre-defined schedules. Products under preventive maintenance are regularly inspected, serviced and maintained, even though they are not showing any symptoms of failure. Frequently of such preventive maintenance visits are dependent upon the critical nature of the product.

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