Xenex Conventional panel supplier in Karachi at best rates

                        Xenex – Gent by Honeywell

Fire Alarm System is essential to secure premises and lives against any harm from any fire related threat. Conventional fire alarm system is the most common type of system that works on the basis of zones. It’s popularity is from the fact that it is more cost effective as compared to any other type of fire alarm system. Meridian Enterprise is the leading Xenex Conventional Fire Alarm company in Karachi for Gent by Honeywell fire alarm system.
From control panels through to manual call points, detectors, bells, door releases and sounders, Meridian Enterprise provides provides a cost effective conventional fire detection system scalable for sites of all types. Being supplier for Gent by Honeywell fire alarm system in Karachi, our team is expert in delivery, supply and installation of fire alarm system.
With the Xenex control panel at its hub, Gent can cover up to eight zones. Integrated with the low-current S-Cubed range of sounders incorporating sound, speech and strobe in a single device, Gent ensures a site has high levels of coverage with above average response rates during an emergency situation.
Meridian Enterprise provides best rates for Gent by Honeywell’s Vigilon Fire Alarm System. Operating from Karachi, we serve all parts of the country for supply, delivery and installation. Our team is built on experts in Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.