Xenex Conventional panel supplier in Karachi at best rates

                         Xenex Gent by Honeywell

Meridian Enterprise is proud to be a leading supplier for Xenex Gent by Honeywell conventional fire alarm system. Operating from Karachi, we serve all parts of the country for supply, delivery and installation. Our team has expertise in designing, commissioning and installing Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
Industry-leading, Gent by Honeywell’s Xenex range of conventional fire detection and alarm panel is a highly cost-effective option for small building premises requiring coverage for up to eight zones. Certified to EN54 Parts 2 & 4, the Xenex panel contains integral power supply and battery standby. With up to eight alarm sounder circuits, repeat panel output, remote evacuation control and one-man test and commissioning, Xenex is a leader in conventional panel technology.
Heat Detectors

                      Honeywell Gent Heat Detectors

The ES Detect range are non-addressable detectors specifically designed for operation on conventional systems. The range includes a fixed heat detector, fixed heat for Class B, rate of rise detector and an optical smoke detector.
Smoke Detector

                    Gent Honeywell Smoke Detector

State of the art technology offered by the Optical Smoke Detector provides quick and accurate detection of fires. A combination of the unique chamber design and other technically advanced features will significantly extend the service intervals before cleaning of the detector becomes necessary. Meridian Enterprise has the best rates for optical detectors in Karachi and serves all parts of Pakistan.
sounder gent by honeywell
Designed and approved to meet both EN54-3 and EN54-23, the new sounder beacon is ideal for applications where a dual purpose audible and visual alarm device is required. In order to get the best rates in Karachi, reach out to Meridian Enterprise by email or call.
Honeywell’s conventional sounder is a high quality device designed to alert building occupants of an emergency. The product features a new folded horn design which provides outstanding sound output at low current draw. With its modern design, global tone set and extensive installer-friendly features, the sounder is the logical choice for specifiers, installers and distributors.
Manual call points from Honeywell Gent are easy and safe to operate, with no hammer required. Fully compliant with EN 54-11, each point is manufactured from ABS and both have a break glass and resettable element.
Meridian Enterprise provides best rates for Fire Alarm System in Karachi and serves throughout Pakistan. We provide best rates for Gent by Honeywell, Horing Lih, INIM and Context Plus through multi-tiered partnerships with the principals. Our team is built on experts in Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.