Meridian Enterprise offers best rates in Karachi for Panasonic PABX system. We have proudly served multiple customers in Karachi with best rates and exceptional after sales service by designing, supply and installing Panasonic PABX systems. Due to our expertise and attractive rates, we have been trusted by many customers for repeated business to design and supply PABX systems from Panasonic. We offer best prices for Panasonic NS500 and its related accessories including master console DT943, DSP Card, Digital and IP Phones. Panasonic NS500 comes with rich features and specifications that can be customized from 6CO Lines and 16 Extensions up to 288 Extensions.
  • Unified Communication System
  • Up to 288 extensions
  • Ideal for small and medium sized companies
  • IP Networking
  • Cellular Phone Integration
  • Voicemail
  • Email notification
  • Built-in DISA
  • Call Center Function
  • Communication Assistant