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Is Panasonic KX-NS500 Right for My Business?

Pansonic KX-NS500Panasonic KX-NS500 PABX/PBX is the latest smart hybrid communication system which is ideal for SME sector. The flexibility to expand according to the size of the organization is what makes the system extremely cost-effective, and can be scaled up in line with business-expansion. Starting from 6 Trunks/Lines and 18 Extensions, the system can be expanded up to 190 Trunks and accommodating 288 Users. The system can further be used as a complete IP based exchange with an additional DSP card. With built-in CLI and OGM/Auto Attendant, Panasonic KX-NS500 is the most desired system for Small and Medium Businesses with rich features that provide efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Cell Phone Integration to allow users to receive and make calls via SIP software on smartphones when they are away from office.
  • Receive email notification for every missed call or new messages left by customers. With the strong built-in feature, a business is never out of reach from its customers.
  • With the advanced call routing function, it enables businesses to automatically record conversations, make reports and analyze them to better understand customer issues and improve their customer service.
  • Combination of IP and Analog trunks can be merged to provide cost saving and flexibility for business needs.
  • IP Software Phone allows users to take the phone home with their PC. Simply install IP Software Phone, connect to the corporate IP network and start using office phone from home or anywhere in the world.
To find out more about the system, its features and how to upgrade your legacy telephone system, reach out to our experts by contacting us.
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